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An interview with Aventura Magazine

Sebastien James Scemla
Fashion designer, Sebastien James, Miami Design District. 

Self-described style: Always over dress. "Detailed simplicity makes classic contemporary."
Favorite designers: For women, I like Barbara Bui, Alexis, Etincelle Couture, Bel Air, Centre Ville. For men, I like Atelier Prive, Emanuele Kahn, and of course, my label.
Favorite style item in your closet: Any button-down cotton voile shirts, ascots, my Emanuel Khan Suits. 
Where you love to shop: I usually make all my own clothing. 
Celebrities whose style you admire: Andy Garcia, Louis Aguirre, Matt Lauer. 
Worst fashion trend ever, in your opinion: Trends are great when they are "in", but when the trend goes out of style people always makes fun of them. For me, fashion is not about trends but clothing that represents who you are and what you do. Whether your style represents casual, chic, or conservative, if what you wear makes you feel better about yourself, then there is no such thing as a bad trend. 
I wouldn't be caught dead wearing... Anything from Ed Hardy (sorry, Lulu).