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Contemporary elegance, rooted in traditional European sartorial craft, is the essence of the Sebastien James brand. For three generations, Sebastien James’ family has cultivated a signature aesthetic that is appreciated by men with a keen eye for detail and with the ease of sophistication. Based in Paris and Miami, and with over 20 years in the fashion industry to guide him, Sebastien James’ taste is best described as classic, with a modern edge; it is this aesthetic that he brings to the fine men’s shirts that make up the Collection by Sebastien James.
Creating a garment begins with envisioning its design, traveling the world to select the finest and rarest materials, perfecting the garment’s fit and adding subtle details. Before any of this, however, it is necessary to forge relationships with tailors for whom craftsmanship is second-to-none.
Each Collection by Sebastien James is hand-crafted by our third-generation factory in Barcelona. It is with great care, and after extensive consideration, that this factory came to sew garments for Sebastien James. Our tailors are each experts at their craft, some of whom have worked in our factory for over forty-five years. They adhere to strict standards of quality, each possessing a sharp eye for detail and the soul of an artisan. It is with confidence in his tailors and in his vision that Sebastien James promises superb manufacturing, the finest materials, and original design in all of his pieces.
We are proud to bring you the Collection by Sebastien James – a collection in which fine details turn classic into contemporary.