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Sebastien James is more than a label. It’s an American style brand with international roots—and it’s built on the vision of Sebastien Scemla.

The iconic men’s line reflects its founder’s deep aesthetic convictions as well as the mathematical rigor he brings to constructing every detail of every shirt. It’s a formula that results in contemporary, head-turning classics.

Growing up immersed in France’s garment industry gave Sebastien an insider’s education, as he absorbed invaluable knowledge from his mother and grandfather—both steeped in the fashion business from an early age. Perhaps the most important lesson: design with the consumer in mind, then strive for perfection in every detail.

It’s a lesson he took to heart. A Sebastien James shirt is more than meets the eye—though what meets the eye is stunning. Whether it’s the way a sleeve’s pattern aligns perfectly at the seam or the subtle but memorable detailing under the collar, each shirt is a collection of design elements that reveal themselves with each successive look.


A Sebastian James man effortlessly radiates confidence. He isn’t the loudest, or the slickest, or the flashiest guy in the room. Yet make no mistake: all eyes are fixed on him.

His magnetism is no accident. It’s the result of an appreciation of detail that may at first appear minor but are ultimately elevated to the sublime—every seam, every button, every pattern precisely where it should be. Never has thoughtful consideration been so sexy.

Though his style is defined by subtle sophistication, he brings a flair for bold color and a passion for the unexpected. He is alive to the moment and the sense that anything is possible: adventure, spontaneity, even rebellion. He knows that one glance can be the difference between indifference and inspiration. And yet his style reveals new charms on the second glance, and third, and fourth, and thousandth.

True to his word and true to himself, a Sebastian James man believes that life without creativity, character and conviction is not life at all. He’s comfortable in his own skin and even more comfortable in a shirt designed with him in mind. He’s a modern day classic with a hint of danger. He’s an American original.


Sometimes, understatement can be the biggest statement of all. When art and science collide, ingenuity begins.

The clothes not only make the man, but melt the woman.

Not everyone will notice every detail, but then again, not every detail is intended for just anyone.

A shirt that shouts “Look at me!” is rarely heard, while a classic effortlessly commands the room.

A classic reveals new charms on the second glance, and third, and fourth, and thousandth.

But one glance can be the difference between indifference and inspiration.

How you dress shapes how you feel. And how you feel shapes how you perform.

And how you perform shapes how you live. The high road is the only road worth taking.

With every moment comes the promise of a new adventure, so dress accordingly.

It’s better to be overdressed than under dressed, but the right shirt will never leave you feeling either.

America is a melting pot of global style, and from that melting pot arises something uniquely American.

No one should dress like a banker. Especially bankers. Real style comes from precise cuts, not shortcuts.

The rebel is in the details and there is no such thing as a small detail.


Double Stitching helps to maintain the collar rigid and upright. All of our shirt's collars are finished with a 2 millimeter edge stitch for a modern and sophisticated look. We use rounded metal “shrimp” clips to package your shirt instead of pins for safety and protect the fabric's integrity.

Front and back seam

We match front and back patterns of shirts because details matter, and we would not have it any other way! 


Collar, yoke and back

We match the fabric’s pattern on all three main parts on the back of the shirt: Collar, Yoke and Body. 

Sleeve plackets and cuffs

Both sleeve cuffs are perfectly aligned to match one another. We match the pattern from the sleeve to the plackets. 


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