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The Miami Herald

Miami’s own Sebastien Scemla, the visionary behind the Sebastien James men’s label, just returned from MRket Las Vegas, a major platform for fashion industry players. Scemla, whose grandfather was a tailor for Pierre Cardin, wowed with so-called body precise shirts with such attention to detail as patterns that match from front to back and double stitching to keep collars rigid. “Never before has thoughtful consideration been so sexy,” says Scemla, who has an eponymous store in the Design District. 

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Design District Magazine

A passion for work and living  Sebastien Scemla opened his name sake couture boutique in 2008. Today, he has two stores: one in the Design District and another in Aventura Mall. Sebastien James brings real European fashion to Miami. "We have a very international clientele here at Sebastien James," he said " Most of our merchandise comes from Italy, Paris and Spain. However, we look for high-quality pieces from all over the world for chic women and sophisticated men, I also design my own label for men." he added.

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The List: Fine & Dandy

Since opening his Sebastien James boutique six years ago, Sebastien Schema has dedicated himself to bringing European sophistication to Miami. his house clothing line is a reflection of the man who created it: bold enough to make an impact, yet subtle enough not to overdo it. That is probably why Sebastien James is so popular with men seeking expert tailoring and versatility-particularly when it comes to shirts, which are handmade in Spain with the finest of Italian fabrics. "Guys who have been at this for as long have take pride in putting a superior product." says Scemla, who is overseeing plans for a new concept store in the style of Colette in Paris. "I'm only interested in selling clothes I would wear myself. I wouldn't have it...

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An interview with Aventura Magazine

Sebastien James Scemla Fashion designer, Sebastien James, Miami Design District.  Self-described style: Always over dress. "Detailed simplicity makes classic contemporary." Favorite designers: For women, I like Barbara Bui, Alexis, Etincelle Couture, Bel Air, Centre Ville. For men, I like Atelier Prive, Emanuele Kahn, and of course, my label. Favorite style item in your closet: Any button-down cotton voile shirts, ascots, my Emanuel Khan Suits. Where you love to shop: I usually make all my own clothing. Celebrities whose style you admire: Andy Garcia, Louis Aguirre, Matt Lauer. Worst fashion trend ever, in your opinion: Trends are great when they are "in", but when the trend goes out of style people always makes fun of them. For me, fashion is not about...

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Sebastien James featured in Maxim

Sebastien James is building a fashion brand from the ground up. After concluding that manufacturing standards were slipping, the 39-year-old European entrepreneur decided to take matters into his own hands – well, his and Spanish artisans'. Today, the business-minded designer oversees the creation of high-end dress shirts and trousers at a constellation of family-owned factories in Catalonia. Finding tradition haberdashers skilled enough to realize his vision was no mean feat, but James, who grew up playing in his grandfather’s factory had a very specific idea of what manufacturing should look like. He knew that if he could make the sort of comfortable, stylish clothing he wanted to buy, he’d have no trouble finding customers.

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